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Top brand in online gaming, 100% bonus offer, Best underdog odds, Unique prop bets daily.
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They say success breeds contempt and it’s true whether its Microsoft, Walmart or the New York Yankees.

* Editor Note: Bodog no longer available as a US brand as of Dec 15, 2011. It remains open to Canadian, European and international players. US players invited to try successor brands.

Truth is, professional jealousy and some customer spite often follows a brand to the top, much like bodog experienced in becoming the pre-eminent online sports betting brand on the Internet by 2007.

Like the Yankees, Walmart and Microsoft, bodog is successful, deep-pocketed, creative, well-managed and a distinct brand in its space. And all are kings of marketing.

While some online sportsbooks scrimp on design and employ a bare-bones staff for marketing and customer service, bodog focuses on all the little details that make for a solid customer experience.

Its marketing push emphasizes lifestyle choices such as loud music, tough mixed martial arts and hot women, but bodog backs up all the sizzle with plenty of steak - a superior gaming platform, a wide array of gaming options from horse racing to casino and superb customer service.

While sharp odds and early lines have never been their forte, they are unapologetic in offering a service geared toward the recreational or ‘square’ bettor. The fact they follow the market leaders with lines and the fact you may get the Giants over the Cowboys at -10 here instead of -9.5 at another site actually makes bodog an important ‘out’ for some intermediate and professional bettors.

For years, they boasted the best customer service and best odds variety and at the start of the 2011 football season, they added best sportsbook bonus to their repertoire.

If you like betting underdogs, why not have a square book as one of your ‘outs’? Why not bet the Cowboys at +10 in the example above instead of +9.5?

The experts at have enjoyed a long history with bodog, a history characterized by professional and cordial business relations. We trust bodog with our money and are confident that others can as well.

It’s why, despite some setbacks in 2008 and into 2009 which impacted its ability to accept new players and pay existing ones, bodog quickly climbed back to the top of the sportsbook heap.

The cream usually rises back to the top even after it has been forced down.