Best Parlay Odds

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If you’re a frequent parlay bettor, you have to make sure you’re getting best payouts possible. Even a difference of a few dollars per payout can make a big difference over a year’s worth of betting.

Let’s say for example you could be earning even $2 more per payout of your parlays. If you’re lucky enough to hit one parlay a week that’s $104 more dollars per year in your pocket.

Not all books offer the same parlay payouts and if you don’t do your research you could be throwing your money away.

Here’s a list of four of our preferred sportsbooks and a little info on their parlays:

5 Dimes rank at the top of the list because you’d be hard pressed to find better parlay odds anywhere else online. If you’re putting together a big parlay with anywhere from 6-10 teams, 5 Dimes offers the best odds hands down. And, you can do multi-sport parlays with 2-15 teams. What’s not to like?

SBG Global is what we’d call a middle man when it comes to parlay. They don’t offer the best odds all around, but there still better than a lot of the books out there. Take SBG Global’s parlay odds for 4 and 5 gamers. A lot of books only pay 10/1 on a four-game and 20/1 on a five-game. The odds at SBG Global are 12/1 for a four-game parlay and 24/1 on a five-game parlay. Payouts at SBG Global could greatly improve your bankroll.