How To Bet Using The Moneyline

Betting the money line can be confusing for new bettors because most of them don’t even know what they’re looking at when they go to bet on baseball or hockey and they see -180.

Moneyline odds are available in every sport, but there most commonly associated with sports that have no spread like baseball and hockey.

That most obvious reason for this is that in both hockey and baseball points are scored one at a time whereas in football you can add on seven points at a time and in basketball two or three points can be put on the board in seconds.

Here’s an example of a money line baseball odds at

Minnesota +130
NY Yankees -150

As with a point spread, the favorite on the money line is given minus odds (-) and the underdog is given plus odds (+). In the example, the Yankees are the favorite at -150 and the Twins the underdog at +130.

Since New York is favored, and expected to win, you need to risk more to make a sizable profit on the game. The -150 money line odds mean you must wager $150 to win $100.

Since Minnesota is the underdog, and expected to lose, the book will give you an incentive to pick them, which is essentially the chance to make bigger profits if the Twins can pull off the upset. The +180 money line odds mean you would wager $100 to win $130.

Money line odds in hockey are exactly the same. The Maple Leafs may be a +150 underdog versus the Penguins who are a -170 favorite. Here you would wager $100 on Toronto to win $150 and wager $170 on Pittsburgh to win $100.

Money line betting can pull in big profits when wagered on instead of the point spread in football or basketball. Take this example from :

The Denver Broncos are a 3-point underdog at -115 versus the Patriots. If you think the Broncos can pull off an upset and win the game outright you’d make much more money betting on Denver on the money where they are listed as +145 underdogs.

A $115 wager on Denver on the point spread would pay $100, while a $100 wager on Denver on the money line would pay $145. There are times when betting the NFL money line makes sense and you need to watch most odds types to know when and why.