How to Bet Teasers

Teasers are like parlays in that a bettor wagers on a number of games and must be correct on every game for it to payout. One incorrect pick and your teaser is a loser.

What differentiates a parlay from and a teaser is the ability to move the point spread in any direction on a particular game.

Here’s how it works. Teasers come in many different varieties that allow you to choose a different number of games and points to move the line. But for this example, let’s use a two-game, six-point football teaser.

You’ve decided to bet on Dallas as a 9-point favorite versus Tampa Bay and Cincinnati as a 6-point underdog versus Baltimore. Before ‘teasing’ the line, your bets would look like this:

Dallas -9 at Tampa Bay
Cincinnati +6 at Baltimore

After teasing the lines by 6-points, you would be wagering on the games with these new lines

Dallas -3 at Tampa Bay
Cincinnati +12 at Baltimore

Before teasing the line, you needed Dallas cover a 9-point spread, but now they only need to cover 3 points. The Bengals went from being a 6-point underdog to a 12-point dog.

By teasing the line, hopefully you have made it easier for both teams to cover. Of course, you can also tease the line the other way and make Dallas a 15-point favorite and Cincinnati a pick’em versus Baltimore.

Your teaser will depend on how you have handicapped the games.

Depending on which sportsbook you are betting at, you can find teasers that will allow you to bet on anywhere from 2-15 games. The points you can tease the line by differs between football and basketball.

For football, most of the best sportsbooks allow you to tease the line by 6, 61/2 or 7 points. For basketball most, online sportsbooks allow you to tease the line by 4, 41/2 or 5 points. You can also find teasers that offer more points and super teasers that sometimes go as high as 10 points.

The amount of money a teaser pays out varies and is determined by how many games you’re betting on and how many points you are taking. Every book will display their teaser odds payouts, so examine them carefully to find the best odds and receive the best pay outs on your teaser bets.